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Beardsley, Lisa M.

"Spiritual Intelligence and the Bible." (31B/CC: 1-42) PDF

Brand, Leonard R.

"A Biblical Perspective on the Philosophy of Science." (31B/CC: 43-80) PDF

Canale, Fernando

"A biblical epistemology for Adventist scholarship" (37B/CC: 101-116) PDF

Clausen, Benjamin L.

"La science peut-elle tout expliquer ? " (22CC: 61-64). PDF

Coetzee, Arthur O.

"Philosophical shifts in concepts of truth over twenty centuries" (No. 042-89; 3CC: 139-160) PDF

Coetzee, Elainie

"A study of students' philosophies of life with a view to introducing Bible-based Christian philosophy" (No. 731-16; 40CC: 69-87) PDF

Davidson, Richard M.

"The Bible and the Hermeneutics: Interpreting Scripture According to the Scriptures." (31B/CC: 81-132) PDF

Donkor, Kwabena

"Postmodernism: An Adventist Assessment and a Response." (31B/CC: 133-158) PDF

Goldstein, Clifford

"Life: A chemical dilemma?" (33CC: 481-484) PDF

Hemmings, Olive J.

"Knowledge as a quest for God: Implications for teaching" (No. 257-96; 17CC: 115-134) PDF

Kennedy, Elaine

"Comment distinguer entre faits et interprétation" (35B/CC: 168-173) PDF

"Données et interprétations : quelle différence ?" (35B/CC: 174-179) PDF

Kerbs, Raúl

"Observaciones epistemológicas e históricas preliminares sobre la relación fe-razón desde una perspectiva cristiana adventista" (No. 179-94; 13CC: 141-159) PDF

Land, Gary

"Postmodernism: A Christian reflection" (21CC: 435-454) PDF

Newport, Kenneth G. C.

"The seat of authority: Reason and revelation in Seventh-day Adventist education" (No. 047-89; 3CC: 231-248) PDF

Tolhurst, Leonard P.

"A Christian approach to epistemology" (No. 072-90; 5CC: 91-110) PDF

Rasi, Humberto M.

"Adventist education and the challenge of postmodernism" (37A/CC: 469-485) PDF

"Adventist education and the challenge of postmodernism" (37B/CC: 233-250) PDF

"La foi, la raison et le chrétien cultivé" (35B/CC: 256-261) PDF

Rice, Richard

"Cuando los creyentes piensan" (20CC: 671-674) PDF

"When believers think" (8CC: 247-250) PDF

Rodriguez, Angel Manuel

"Truth is a Person" (33CC: 585-586) PDF

Roth, Ariel A.

"Catastrophism? Yes!" (33CC: 587-591) PDF

Taylor V, John Wesley

"Teaching truth: A biblical paradigm" (37B/CC: 251-272) PDF

Uremovich, Gary R.,

"Epistemology of faith and learning: A systems approach" (No. 437-00; 26A/CC:389-408). PDF

Zinke, E. Edward,

"Faith: A Comparison of Humanistic and Biblical Definitions in Relation to Christian Education" (No. 401-00; 26B/CC: 57-87). PDF

Zuill, Henry

"A Christian approach to teaching theology…or is it environmental science?" (33CC: 651-655) PDF

"Ecologie, biodiversité et création : au sommet de la hiérarchie" (35B/CC: 322-325) PDF

"Ecology, biodiversity, and creation: A view from the top" (33CC: 657-660)


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