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Volume 33


Linda Bryant Caviness. "Mental, physical, and spiritual harmony from a neuroscience perspective." pp. 1-20 PDF 1532KB
Fanta Chaleabo. "Compassion: A crucial ingredient in learning." pp. 21-44 PDF 1583KB
Fordson Chimoga. "Spiritual development in the biblical hermeneutics class." pp. 45-60 PDF 827KB
Obed Dube. "Interfacing justice and mercy: A biblical model for the Christian campus." pp. 61-76 PDF 1522KB
Barbara Fisher. "Promoting biblical literacy in the elementary classroom." pp. 77-96 PDF 1418KB
Forsythia C. Galgao. "Moral development of students: The role of Adventist higher education." pp. 97-116 PDF 1052KB
Desta Amado Gelgelu. "Risk management and insurance: Integration of biblical principles in the study of human life values." pp. 117-136 PDF 1117KB

James M. Hammond. "A Christian perspective on the counseling of multicultural populations." pp. 137-154 PDF 1197KB

Erica Hole. "The affective dimension in adult foreign language learning: A Christian teacher’s perspective." pp. 155-172 PDF 789KB
Ellah Kamwendo. "Transmitting Christian values in teaching law of contract at Solusi University." pp. 173-192 PDF 1191KB
Penny Mahon. "The search for integration: A study of the faith journey in the poetry of Gerald Manley Hopkins." pp. 193-212 PDF 1249KB
Antonia Maphosa. "Biblical values on dress in teaching clothing and textiles." pp. 213-230 PDF 1249KB
Tabitha M. Muchee. "Sex education and HIV/AIDS: An urgent task for Christian home economists."pp. 231-246 PDF 1488KB
Reuben T. Mugerwa. "'As the Father sent me, so send I you': A New Testament rationale for Christ in the classroom." pp. 247-264 PDF 1103KB
Lovemore Sibanda. "God and history: Interpreting contemporary events from a Christian perspective." pp. 265-282 PDF 1133KB

Ermelinda Aperocho Tambalque. "Christian values in teaching office management." pp. 283-302 PDF 1119KB

Nemuel Mortel Tambalque. "Bettering teacher-student relationships: Lessons from the Great Controversy themes." pp. 303-324 PDF 1148KB
David E. Thomas. "The role of philosophical reflection in Adventist higher education."pp. 325-346 PDF 1217KB
Masaji Uyeda. "The Adventist concept of work education: Its implementation at Hiroshima Adventist Academy, Japan." pp. 347-362 PDF 882KB
Gebre Worancha. "The role of Adventist schools in soul winning: An on-campus practical program for Bugema University." pp. 363-380 PDF 1622KB
Ben Clausen. "Integrating faith and learning in the teaching of physical sciences." pp. 381-394 PDF 1313KB
Gary Ross. "What integration is not: The strange case of Saturday believers." pp. 395-400 PDF 444KB
Earl Aagaard. "The moral implications of Darwinism." pp. 401-404 PDF 348KB
John T. Baldwin. "Keepers of the garden: Christians and the environment." pp. 405-408 PDF 397KB
Bert B. Beach. "The Christian and politics. " pp. 409-410 PDF 224KB
Roland Blaich. "Teacher of the Church: The Adventist historian." pp. 411-416 PDF 715KB
Leonard Brand. "Faith and science: Can they coexist?" pp. 417-420 PDF 360KB
Paul S. Brantley. "Administration: The missing link in the integration of faith and learning." pp. 421-426 PDF 573KB
Dora D. Clarke-Pine. "Preventing adolescent suicide: The role of the school." pp. 427-432 PDF 791KB
Jesse A. Cone. "Discipline for discipleship." pp. 433-436 PDF 639KB
Judy Cushman. "Suicide: What you should know." pp. 437-440 PDF 338KB
Roger Dudley. "Understanding spiritual development and faith experience of college and university students on Adventist campuses." pp. 441-446 PDF 560KB
Clarence Dunbebin. "Servant-leadership: A new paradigm for successful administration." pp. 447-452 PDF 1464KB
Michael England. "The brain and how it works: Implications for teaching and learning." pp. 453-458 PDF 1219KB
Leonard K. Gashugi. "Not everything for sale: A biblical perspective on economics." pp. 459-462 PDF 403KB
V. Bailey Gillespie. "'If you can’t measure it, it didn’t happen': Spiritual assessment in the Adventist school." pp. 463-470 PDF 740KB
L. James Gibson. "Is there design in nature?" pp. 471-474 PDF 419KB
Christine Goad. "Educating with the brain in mind." pp. 475-480 PDF 573KB
Clifford Goldstein. "Life: A chemical dilemma?" pp. 481-484 PDF 415KB
Zeljko Gregor. "Archaeology and the Bible." pp. 485-488 PDF 776KB
Mart de Groot. "Science and religion: Pursuing a common goal?" pp. 489-492 PDF 413KB
Mart de Groot. "The Big Bang model: An appraisal." pp. 493-496 PDF 475KB
Georgina Hill. "Preventing plagiarism." pp. 497-500 PDF 770KB
Gary L. Hopkins, Talin Babikian, Duane McBride, and Anita Oliver. "Media messages: How do they affect our youth?" pp. 501-506 PDF 854KB
George T. Javor. "The mystery of life." pp. 507-512 PDF 460KB
Elaine Kennedy. "Data and interpretation: Knowing the difference." pp. 513-518 PDF 486KB
M. Elaine Kennedy. "When the Earth’s crust explodes." pp. 519-522 PDF 697KB
Raúl Kerbs. "Ethics in postmodernism." pp. 523-526 PDF 343KB
Hudson Kibuuka. "Mission and identity of Seventh-day Adventist schools." pp. 527-532 PDF 376KB
Gerald A. Klingbeil. "The stones still cry out!" pp. 533-536 PDF 386KB
George R. Knight. "Teaching religion versus teaching theology: An unbalanced emphasis?" pp. 537-540 PDF 422KB
George R. Knight. "Teaching theology of the center versus a theology of the edges." pp. 541-544 PDF 1062KB
Gary Land. "Helping the Church think-the intellectual task of Christian higher education." pp. 545-548 PDF 362KB
Kyu Bong Lee. "The riddle of migratory birds: Another evidence of God’s design." pp. 549-552 PDF 387KB
David Lopez and Laura Alipoon. "Experience is the network to mind: Brain-based learning applications in higher education." pp. 553-558 PDF 675KB
Victor Lyakhou. "Tolstoy and the Bible: A complex relationship." pp. 559-562 PDF 416KB
Robert C. Moore. "Nurturing faith in math class." pp. 563-566 PDF 300KB
Judith P. Nembhard. "Using the Word: Studying biblical references in poetry." pp. 567-570 PDF 527KB
Anita Oliver. "Brain-based learning: Fact or fiction?" pp. 571-576 PDF 837KB
Mario Pereyra. "From homo sapiens to homo videns." pp. 577-580 PDF 362KB
Daniel Reynaud. "How to choose what we watch." pp. 581-584 PDF 340KB
Angel Manuel Rodriguez. "Truth is a Person." pp. 585-586 PDF 247KB
Ariel A. Roth. "Catastrophism? Yes!" pp. 587-592 PDF 893KB
Ariel A. Roth. "Chance or design? The long search for an evolutionary mechanism." pp. 593-598 PDF 507KB
Ariel A. Roth. "Commonly asked questions about science and the Bible." pp. 599-604 PDF 378KB
William H. Shea. "The Flood: Just a local catastrophe?" pp. 605-608 PDF 493KB
Siegfried J. Schwantes. "God and history: A biblical perspective." pp. 609-612 PDF 380KB
Virginia L. Smith. "Constructivist classrooms: Do they belong in Adventist schools?" pp. 613-618 PDF 487KB
Carlos F. Steger. "Fossils: The story they tell us." pp. 619-624 PDF 1489KB
Urias Echterhoff Takatohi. "The search for extraterrestrial intelligence." pp. 625-628 PDF 323KB
John Wesley Taylor V. "Instructional strategies for integrating faith and learning." pp. 629-636 PDF 592KB
Jane Thayer. "Assessing student spirituality: The Andrews University experience." pp. 637-644 PDF 793KB
Anthony J. Zuccarelli and Gerald R. Winslow. "In our own image? Ethics and human cloning." pp. 645-650 PDF 570KB
Henry Zuill. "A Christian approach to teaching ecology … or is it environmental science?" pp. 651-656 PDF 487KB
Henry Zuill. "Ecology, biodiversity, and creation: A view from the top." pp. 657-660 PDF 941KB
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