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Volume 31B


Lisa M. Beardsley. "Spiritual Intelligence and the Bible." pp. 1-42 PDF 2259KB
Leonard R. Brand. "A Biblical Perspective on the Philosophy of Science." pp. 43-80 PDF 2819KB
Richard M. Davidson. "The Bible and the Hermeneutics: Interpreting Scripture According to the Scriptures." pp. 81-132 PDF 3042KB
Kwabena Donkor. "Postmodernism: An Adventist Assessment and a Response." pp. 133-158 PDF 1829KB
Mart de Groot. "The Bible and Astronomy." pp. 159-182 PDF 1723KB
George T. Javor. "The Bible and Microbiology." pp. 183-210 PDF 1208KB
Andrea Luxton. "The Bible and Pedagogy." pp. 211-238 PDF 2688KB

Nicholas P. Miller. "The Bible, Law, and Freedom: Biblical Insights into Natural Law and Human Freedoms." pp. 239-256 PDF 1263KB

Bill Mundy. "The Bible and Physics." pp. 257-284 PDF 1293KB
Ron du Preez. "Biblical Authority and Biblical Foundations for Ethics." pp. 285-336 PDF 3608KB
Humberto M. Rasi. "Faith, Reason and Choice: Loving God with All Our Mind." pp. 337-354 PDF 1464KB
Joan Sabaté. "Biblical and Adventist Views of a Nutritionist's World." pp. 355-368 PDF 628KB

Delyse E. Steyn. "The Bible and Media Literacy." pp. 369-410 PDF 3551KB

E. Edward Zinke. "Faith-Science Issues: An Epistemological Perspective." pp. 411-429 PDF 2126KB
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