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Amertil, Ninon P.

"Nurturing faith in college nursing students" (No. 367-99; 24CC: 1-20). PDF

Andrews, Lydia D.

"Teaching midwifery to nursing students from a biblical-Christian perspective" (No. 689-12; 38CC: 1-16). PDF

Ble de Gil, Deysi Jakeline

"Conociendo a Dios a través de la anatomía y la fisiología" (No. 714-16; 39CC: 39-53). PDF

Demetillo Guerra-Polancos, Jacqueline

"Biblical implications for nursing theory, research, and practice" (No. 747-16; 40CC: 381-398). PDF

Fly, Nancy A.

"Beyond professional caring: Teaching nursing students the art of Christian caring" (No. 126-93; 10CC: 167-185). PDF

Follett, Lenora D.

"Parables of the body: Integrating spiritual lessons with a nursing curriculum" (No. 423-00; 26A/CC; 119-138). PDF

Klein, Trudy Carpenter

"Service and wholism in the teaching and practice of parish nursing" (No. 294-97; 19CC: 141-156). PDF

Longway, Ina

" Teaching student nurses Sabbath keeping" (No. 056-89; 4CC: 105-124). PDF

Mahlungulu, Sarah N.

"The life of Christ and its relevance to modern professional nursing" (No. 171-93; 12CC: 297-308). PDF

Oliveira, Elisabete Regina Araujo

"Teaching nurses to conduct the physical examination: Becoming mediators of the divine touch" (No. 298-97; 19CC: 205-223) PDF

Sczekan, Majorie

"Caring for the caregivers: Health promotion for nursing students" (No. 045-89; 3CC: 199-218). PDF

Silva, Ivone Corsi da

 "A vida espiritual do estudante de enfermagem e o atendimento das necessidades psicoespirituais do paciente" (No. 228-94; 15CC: 287-304). PDF

So, Woi Sook

"A Christian approach to nursing management: a personal application" (No. 526-03; 30CC: 263-284). PDF

"The GRS model: A guide for nursing students to be effective in providing spiritual care" (No. 749-16; 40CC: 419-439). PDF

Wilkinson, Gwen M.

"Values in nursing: What can Seventh-day Adventists contribute?" (No. 303-97; 19CC: 299-317). PDF

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