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Adil, Jr, Jimmy Jiamah

"Instilling Christian virtues in advising student researchers" (No. 727-16; 40CC: 1-15). PDF

Bempong, Bernard Franklin

"Correction and discipline in Adventist tertiary educational institutions: A Christian approach" (No. 608-06; 34A/CC: 75-94). PDF


Bocaneanu, Adrian

"Falling in love and premarital sexual morality: Some scientific perspectives" (No. 189-94; 14CC: 19-38). PDF

Brown, Jeffrey O.

"Towards an integrated philosophy of student counseling in Seventh-day Adventist colleges and universities" (No. 191-94; 14CC: 59-77). PDF

Burlandy, Ednice Oliveira

"Cristo, o orientador pedagógico modelo" (No. 214-94; 15CC: 28-47). PDF

Clark-Pine, Dora D.

"Preventing adolescent suicide: The role of the school" (33CC:427-431). PDF

Cronjé, Kenneth B.

"Bibliotherapy in Seventh-day Adventist education: Using the information media for character development" (No. 157-93; 12CC: 49-66). PDF

Fusth, Deolinda Maria Correia

"Autodeterminação e discernimento crítico responsável" (No. 220-94; 15CC: 137-150). PDF

Cushman , Judy

"Suicide: What you should know" (33CC: 437-439). PDF

García-Marenko, Emilio

"Adventist schools and contemporary adolescents and youth" (20CC: 421-439). PDF

"La escuela adventista frente al adolescente y el joven contemporáneos" (20CC: 399-419). PDF

Hammond, James M.

"A Christian perspective on the counseling of multicultural populations" (No. 591-05; 33CC: 137-154). PDF

Lam-Phoon, Sally

"The Christian student's search for God's will: A counseling perspective for Christian educators." (30CC: 77-96). PDF

Logan, G. Irving

"Ministering to the secular student in a Christian college" (No. 011-88; 1CC: 193-211). PDF

Padilla, Edgar Efraín Mamani

"El segundo alumbramiento: Un enfoque cristiano a la orientación del adolescente" (No. 312-98; 20CC: 127-145). PDF

Moróz, Ofélia Wichert

"Satisfazendo as necessidades dos estudantes do 1º e 2º graus em uma escola cristã" (No. 226-94; 15CC: 225-245). PDF

Onyango, Nicholas

"Popular current theories of counseling and psychotherapy: An Adventist perspective" (No. 680-09; 37A/CC: 289-307). PDF

Reinecke, Charlene René

"A biblical and psychological comparative study of self-concept" (No. 169-93; 12CC: 261-273). PDF

Roberts, Randall L.

" Shattered by death; strengthened by hope: A Christian perspective on grief" (No. 301-97; 19CC: 265-282). PDF


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