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Volumen 40


Jimmy Jiamah V. Adil, Jr. "Instilling Christian virtues in advising student researchers." pp. 1-16 PDF 780KB
Robert Bikash Bairagee. "The selection and implementation of co-curricular activities in an Adventist school." pp. 17-34 PDF 1148KB
Virginia P. Baloyo. "The Odyssey and the migrant workers' experience: a fresh look at an ancient saga." pp. 35-52 PDF 1294KB
Edison Butera. "Teaching entrepreneurship in Christian perspective." pp. 53-68 PDF 1274KB
Elainie Coetzee. "A study of students' philosophies of life with a view to introducing Bible-based Christian philosophy." pp. 69-88 PDF 1407KB
Samuel O. Dada. "Integrating biblical values in teaching financial management." pp. 89-106 PDF 1122KB
Daniel M. Dangana. "Conveying Christian values through technical and vocational education and training (TVET)." pp. 107-126 PDF 1113KB

Job Dondapati. "'Singing the Lord's Song in a Strange Land': The challenge of integrating Christian values in schools in a non-Christian environment." pp. 127-148 PDF 968KB

Daniel R. Du Plooy. "Positive psychology: an Adventist evaluation." pp. 149-168 PDF 1044KB
Olubunmi Idowu. "Communicative strategies in the decalogue and the Sermon on the Mount: implications for language teaching in a Christian college or university." pp. 169-186 PDF 1152KB
Moses M. Kibirango. "Customer relationship management: a Christian perspective." pp. 187-204 PDF 1357KB
Davenia Lea. "A model assessment plan for the nurturance and measurement of future teachers' spiritual dispositions." pp. 205-226 PDF 2575KB
Tracie Mafile'o. "Fostering research in a Christian university: a paradigm shift for Adventist higher education in the South Pacific Islands." pp.227-244 PDF 1345KB
Ben A. Maguad. "Managing for quality in higher education: a biblical perspective." pp. 245-264 PDF 1217KB
Stanley Nangoy. "Integrating biblical values into the teaching of human resources management (HRM)." pp. 265-284 PDF 1128KB
Boon-Chai Ng. "Christian ethics and the Christian engineer: a study of responsibility." pp. 285-302 PDF 1233KB
Kanelechi C. Kennedy Nwangwa. "The integration of selected Adventist beliefs and values in the administration of an Adventist secondary school." pp. 303-322 PDF 1696KB
Dorcas A. Odunaike. "Biblical insights into legal ethics." pp. 323-342 PDF 931KB
Dorothy Onyango. "Conveying Christian values through diet: a case for vegetarians." pp. 343-362 PDF 869KB
John Perumal. "A Christian approach to the environment: what Adventist schools, colleges, and universities can do." pp. 363-380 PDF 1019KB
Jacqueline Demetillo Guerra-Polancos. "Biblical implications for nursing theory, research, and practice." pp. 381-398 PDF 1984KB
Marie-Anne Razafiarivony. "Assessing and nurturing an organizational culture that conveys Christian beliefs and values in an Adventist educational institution." pp. 399-418 PDF 1075KB
WoiSook So. "The GRS model: a guide for nursing students to be effective channels in providing spiritual care." pp. 419-440 PDF 1068KB
David Soputra. "The role of the faculty in nurturing and mentoring students in an Adventist secondary school." pp. 441-460 PDF 1357KB
Nola Tudu. "Understanding worldviews and conveying biblical beliefs and values in teaching sacred literature of the world." pp. 461-478 PDF 1454KB
Carmelita Troy. "Case studies in accounting fraud: What would Jesus do? Integrating ethics and values in accounting courses." pp. 479-500 PDF 1968KB
Lisa M. Beardsley. "Integration of faith and values in graduate and professional education." pp. 501-518 PDF 1245KB
Lisa M. Beardsley. "Issues and trends in Adventist education worldwide." pp. 519-542 PDF 1338KB
Arthur V. Chadwick. "A modern framework for Earth sciences in a Christian context." pp. 543-554 PDF 1102KB
John M. Fowler. "The Adventist worldview: a ground to stand, a life to live - I." pp. 555-560 PDF 565KB
John M. Fowler. "The Adventist worldview: a ground to stand, a life to live - II." pp. 561-569 PDF 804KB
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