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Volumen 27


Brent Balmer. "The Teacher's Personal Touch: The Social Dimension in Adventist Education."   pp. 1-18  PDF 815KB
Ricardo D. Biscaro. "A Spiritual Master Plan for Northern Luzon Adventist College: Rationale and Process."   pp. 19-38  PDF 1,020KB
Gerald T. du Preez. "Teaching Homiletics in a Multi-Cultural Context: A South African Perspective."  pp. 39-58  PDF 907KB
Ron du Preez. "Integrating Faith in the Peri-Curricular Practices of an Adventist Institution."  pp. 59-78  PDF 1,636KB
David Ebenezer. "Adventist Education in Sri Lanka: Prospects and Challeges." p. 79-98  PDF 1,141KB
Young Pyo Hong. "The Schools of the Prophets: A Model for Alternative Adventist Education in Korea." pp. 99-112  PDF 792KB
Vara P. Jacob. "Transmitting Christian Values to Students at Adventist College, Surat." pp. 113-130  PDF 745KB

Seth A. Laryea. "Developing Instructional Effectiveness in Adventist Higher Education." pp. 131-146  PDF 1,094KB

Miguel Luna. "Models of religious instruction: A Biblical Perspective."  pp. 147-168  PDF 1,873KB
Ritha Maidom-Lampadam. "Integrating Faith and Learning in Teaching English as a Second Language: Possibilities in Grammer Classes."  pp. 169-186  PDF 1,573KB
Chunsik Park. Genesis 6-9: "Theological Themes and Their Educational Implications." pp. 187-204  PDF 1,361KB
Ferdinand Regalado. "Hebrew Thought: Its Implications for Adventist Education." pp. 205-223  PDF 1,104KB
Norie Rivera-Poblete. "God and Calculus."  pp. 225-239  PDF 712KB
Arceli Rosario. "Teaching Literature Through Worldview Analysis: An Approach to the Iliad and the Odyssey."  pp. 241-260  PDF 1,492KB
Alfred Sarder. "Conveying Adventist Values Through Education in a Muslim Context: A Perspective of Bangladesh." pp. 261-278  PDF 1,304KB

M. Ravindra Shankar. "Searching for the Creator Through the Study of Astrophysics at an Adventist Secondary School." pp. 279-298  PDF 1,439KB

Cyrus Shen. "Conveying Christianity to Students with Traditional Folk Belief at Taiwan Adventist College." pp. 299-316  PDF 834KB
Song Chang-Ho. "Conveying Adventist Beliefs to Students Through Their Peers at Korean Sahmyook University and College." pp. 317-328  PDF 824KB
Nigel Soreng. "The Transmission of Christian Values in Business Courses." pp. 329-344   PDF 928KB
Nathaniel Walemba. "Conveying Christian Beliefs and Values to Students on Campus Through Faith Partners."  pp. 345-363  PDF 1,015KB
Noel Zubaid. "Two Views on Creation: The Bible and the Quran." pp. 365-382  PDF 829KB
L. James Gibson. "God and Nature: An Approach to Creation."  pp. 383-394  PDF 1,042KB
John Wesley Taylor V. "A Biblical Foundation for the Integration of Faith and Learning."  pp. 395-407  PDF 1,172KB
John Wesley Taylor V. "Instructional Strategies for the Integration of Faith and Learning."  pp. 409-425  PDF 1,575KB
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