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Volumen 17


B. Peter Archer. Origins: "Can Science and Biblical Christianity Co-exist?"  p. 001020  PDF 970KB
Franklyn N. Baldeo. "Mastery Learning: A Christian Approach."  p. 021-040  PDF 1,378KB
Fresnel Charles. "Conveying Christian Values to Adolescents in Adventist Schools."  p. 041-060  PDF 1,276KB
Carlton Drepaul. "Responding To Poetry in the Seventh-day Adventist College Classroom: A Pedagogical Response Based on the Integration of Faith in the Learning Process."  pp. 061-078  PDF 1,120KB
Anderson Estwick. "Christian Values: A Key Component in Adventist Technology Programs."  pp. 079-094  PDF 943KB
Sandra E. Gayle. "Teaching Literature in an Adventist Secondary School: A West Indian Perspective."  p. 095-114  PDF 1,437KB
Olive J. Hermmings. "Knowledge as a Quest for God: Implications for Teaching."  p. 115-134  PDF 940KB
Iris I. Henry. "Teaching Shakespeare Within the Context of Christian Faith: A Case Study of Macbeth."  pp. 135-154  PDF 1,236KB
Michael St. G. Henry. "The Role of Vocational Studies in Adventist Secondary Education."  pp. 155-169  PDF 705KB
Luis Miguel Luna. "Biblical and Theological Foundations for the Concept of the Integration of Faith and Learning."  pp. 171-192  PDF 1,087KB
Edith G. Marshalleck. "Fostering Discernment Among Adventist College Youth."  pp. 193-212  PDF 1,262KB
Orland Moncrieffe. "The Book of Ecclesiastes: Paradigm for a Christian Worldview."  pp. 213-229  PDF 1,507KB
Vincent M.S. Peterkin. "Leadership Style and Learner Outcome in Adventist Secondary Schools."  pp. 231-248  PDF 904KB
Eric Pryce. "Teaching Poetry in Adventist Schools."  p. 249-268  PDF 859KB
Edelweiss Ramal. "An Adventist Model for the Integration of Faith and Learning in Nursing."  p. 269-286  PDF 1,489KB
Hyacinth P. Rose. "Humanistic Forces Versus the Dynamics of Faith: A Critque of Carl Rogers' Self Theory."  p. 287-306  PDF 1,183KB
Livingston Smith. "Constitutional Dynamics in a Developing Nation Context: A Christian Perspective."   p. 307-326  PDF 1,522KB
Ruth S. Smith. "Basis: A Model for Integrating Psychological Theories of Moral Development in Children and Adolescents."  p. 327-346  PDF 1,621KB
Avery J. Thompson. "God in Nature: Revelation of the Divine Mathematician."  pp. 347-366  PDF 1,296KB
Gloria A. Wright. "Habitat Responsibility: Teaching Stewardship Through Chemistry."  pp. 367-381  PDF 1,086KB
Jim Gibson. "An Adventist View of Science."  pp. 381-395  PDF 1,386KB
Hudson E. Kibuuka. "Spiritual Values in Mathematics: A Procedural Approach to the Integration of Faith and Mathematics Teaching for Teacher Trainees."  p. 396-410  PDF 590KB
Gary M. Ross. "Beyond Peripheralism."  pp. 411-414  PDF 213KB


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