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Volume 14


Nina Blikshavn. "'Follow the boy to school': The role of a Christian teacher today, from a historic perspective."  p. 1-17  PDF 1,046KB
Adrian-Mircea Bocaneanu. "Falling in love and premarital sexual morality: Some scientific perspectives."   p. 18-37  PDF 1,144KB
Larry W. Boughman. "Campus Beautification: A Factor in Integration of Faith and Learning."  pp. 38-57  PDF 962KB
Jeffrey O. Brown. "Toward An Integrated Philosophy of Student Counseling in Seventh-day Adventist Colleges and Universities."  pp. 58-76  PDF 1,111KB
Barry L. Casey. "Are there any questions? Strategies for the journey of faith."  p. 77-90  PDF 1,270KB
Mark de Rond. "Fettucine Alfredo: A core competence for Adventist business education."   p. 91-110  PDF 1,817KB
Samuel M. Gaikwad. "The Integration of faith and learning in a teacher education program: A pilot program at Spicer Memorial College."  p. 111-126  PDF 1,009KB
Glen G. Greenwalt. "The eternal horizon: The role of faith in every act of learning."  p. 127-144  PDF 1,330KB
Deborah Higgens. "Allegory in C.S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: A Window to the Gospel of John."  pp. 145-162  PDF 1,101KB
Vernon Howe. "Chaos: A New Mathematical Paradigm."  pp. 163-180  PDF 1,111KB
Winona Howe. "'The Growing Good of the World': Personal and Corporate Redemption in Three Victorian Novelists."  181-198  PDF 1,241KB
Ronald L. Joliffe. "Valuing vision and voice: Aesthetics and spirituality."  p. 199-218  PDF 1,444KB
Tatyana Lebedeva. "Christian education in Russia: Past and present."  p. 219-236  PDF 1,523KB
Jean-Luc Lienard. "God in the college science classroom: Challenges and opportunities."  p. 237-253  PDF 1,024KB
Elfi Liienthal. "Towards a new model for an Adventist secondary school: The case of Marienhoehe (Germany)."  p. 254-264  PDF 750KB
Jean-Michel Martin. "The concept of God among Adventist elementary and secondary students: Findings and implications."  p. 265-284  PDF 1,871KB
Shirley McGarrell. "Faith and fiction: An inspiring dilemma for Seventh-day Adventist teachers of literature."  p. 285-304  PDF 1,396KB
Constance C. Nwosu. "Integration of faith and learning: An implementation model for Adventist educational institutions."  p. 305-324  PDF 1,235KB
Lynden J. Rogers. "Through Modern Physics Towards a Structure for Causality."  pp. 325-335  PDF 919KB
Beverly J. Rumble. "The Use of Human Subjects in Research at Adventist Colleges and Universities: Suggested Guidelines."  pp. 336-355  PDF 1,529KB
Gayle Saxby. "Symbolic Models: Stories as Life Resources for Medical Students."  pp. 356-371  PDF 803KB
Jozsef Szilvasi. "Introduction to theology: An experimental course at the Hungarian Adventist Seminary."  p. 372-384  PDF 888KB
James Wolfer. "A Christian perspective on the study of computational intelligence."  p. 385-402  PDF 1,130KB
Henry A. Zuill. "Expanding the Garden: A Christian's View of Nature."  pp. 403-428  PDF 1,413KB


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