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Volume 12


Minerva M. Alinaya. "Increasing Faith Though Biology Instruction."  p. 001018  PDF 1,109KB
Robert N. Bell. "Missionaries, African Writers and the Christian Classroom."  p. 019-036  PDF 946KB
David Birkenstock. "Leadership: The Key Dimension in Adventist Tertiary Educational Administration."  pp. 037-048  PDF 911KB
Kenneth B. Cronje. "Bibliotherapy in Seventh-day Adventist Education: Using the Information Media for Character Development."  pp. 049-066  PDF 1,397KB
Emily R. Tebbs Dube. "Managing the Financial Resources of a Family: An Adventist Perspective."  p. 067-086  PDF 1,513KB
Abraham Olugbenga Idowu. "Mathematical Error: A Metaphor for Sin."  p. 087-102  PDF 990KB
Hudson E. Kibuuka. "The Role of the Institution and the Teacher in Integration of Faith and Learning: A Two Dimensional Approach for Adventist Tertiary Institutions."  pp. 103-120  PDF 1,032KB
Josiah Kizito. "Environment Education: 'Caring for God's Creatures.'"  p. 121-142  PDF 860KB
Norman Maphosa. "Critical Skills for Chief Executives in Adventist Institutions of Higher Learning."  p. 143-160  PDF 1,106KB
Zodwa Mchunu. "The Role of a Librarian in a Christian College."  pp. 161-174  PDF 616KB
Joseph J. Mdakane. "Enhancing Intrinsic Motivation in Secondary Students: A Christian Approach."  p. 175-194  PDF 1,016KB
Willmore Ncube. "Challenges of Seventh-day Adventist Primary and Secondary Education in the Zambesi Union: An Action Plan."  p. 195-212  PDF 1,394KB
Issumael Nzamutuma. "The Home-School Partnership in Integrating Faith and Learning in Adventist Secondary Schools."  pp. 213-227  PDF 682KB
Braam Oberholster. "Management - A Christian Perspective."  pp. 229-244  PDF 1,018KB
Tekle Orshiso. "Conveying Christian Ethics in Accounting and Financial Management Courses."   p. 245-260  PDF 1,128KB
Charlene Rene Reinecke. "A Biblical and Psychological Comparative Study of Self-Concept."  pp. 261-274  PDF 983KB
Valile S. Wakaba. "The Accelerated Christian Education Program: An Evaluation."  p. 275-296  PDF 1,042KB
Sarah Mahlungulu. "The Life of Christ and Its Relevance to Modern Professional Nursing."   p. 297-310  PDF 841KB
George Akers. "Nursing Faith in the Christian School."  p. 311-316  PDF 500KB
Niels-Erik Andreasen. "The Christian College Teacher."  p. 317-320  PDF 241KB
Rebecca D. Becker. "Can There Be Faith in the Language Arts Classroom?"  p. 321-324  PDF 415KB
John C. Brunt. "Making the Bible Relevant for the Moral Life."  p. 325-328  PDF 331KB
Ronald L. Carter. "Do Genes Determine Morality?"  p. 329-332  PDF 427KB
Harold G. Coffin. "Coal: How Did It Originate?"  p. 333-336  PDF 1,161KB
Jon L. Dybdahl. "Teaching Students About Grace."  p. 337-342  PDF 485KB
Lawrence T. Geraty. "The Essential Characteristics of SDA Higher Education."  pp. 343-348  PDF 571KB
Barry Hill and Barry Plane. "Teaching Values in Industrial Technology and Computer Studies."  p. 349-352  PDF 380KB
Raquel I. Korniejczuk. "From Creeds to Deeds: Teacher Integration of Faith and Learning in the Classromm."  p. 353-358  PDF 570KB
Charlene Kurth-Wright. "Making Faith a Part of Your Daily Schedule."  p. 359-362  PDF 226KB
Gary Land. "Integrating Faith and History."  p. 363-368  PDF 1,502KB
Patrick B. Morrison. "The Religion Classroom: Life-giving or Lethargic?"  p. 369-372  PDF 583KB
Beatrice S. Neall. "Another Look at the Battle of the Sexes: Male and Female in Biblical Perspective."  p. 373-376  PDF 439KB
Mario Peryra. "Hope, Christianity, and Mental Health."  p. 377-380  PDF 318KB
Marvin L. Robertson. "Are Music Choices Really Important?"  p. 381-384  PDF 700KB
Virginia Smith. "Bringing Children to Christ in the Classroom."   p. 385-388  PDF 362KB
Delyse E. Steyn. "Integration of Faith and Learning in a Seventh-day Adventist Context: A Post-Modern Perspective."  p. 389-405  PDF 1,699KB


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