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Volumen 3


Bill Mundy."Comparison and Contrast of Scientific and Religious Paradigms and Their Use."  pp. 002-021  PDF 1,044KB
Gregory G. Rumsey. "A Christian Educator's Critique of Television Advertising."  022-040  PDF 1,625KB
Sigbert L. Hohn. "Teaching Modern Languages from a Christian Perspective." p. 41-60  PDF 904KB
Dalton D. Baldwin. "Openness for Renewal Without Destructive Pluralism: The Dilemma of Doctrinal Dissent."  061-082  PDF 2,410KB
Edna Maye Loveless. "Creating Writing Assignments That Promote Perspective-Taking Skills."  083-100  PDF 1,036KB
Gary Land. "Implications of the Christian Understanding of Human Nature for the Writing and Teaching of History."  101-120  PDF 1,722KB
Carol Sample. "The Salvation Theme in Flannery O'Connor." p. 121-138  PDF 1,381KB
Arthur O. Coetzee. "Philosophical Shifts in Concepts of Truth Over Twenty Centuries."  p. 139-160  PDF 1,147KB
A.L. Sinikka Woudenberg. "A Model for Integrating the Christian Faith and the Scientific Mind Set." pp. 161-178  PDF 1,161KB
Carol Dennis. "Integrative Influence of Work on Faith and Learning."  p. 179-198  PDF 953KB
Marjorie Sczekan. "Caring for the Care-Givers Health Promotion for Nursing Students."  199-218  PDF 991KB
Jacques Sauvagnat. "Implications for Christian Biology and Geology Teachers."  p. 219-230   PDF 686KB
Kenneth G. C. Newport. "The Seat of Authority: Reason and Revelation in Seventh-day Adventist Education."  231-248  PDF 1,136KB
Knud L. Capion. "The Christian and Public Entertainment: An Adventist Perspective on Tertullian's Views." p. 249-268  PDF 1,083KB
Pietro E. Copiz. "Some Reflections on the Christian Scholar Facing Research."   p. 269-286  PDF 866KB


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