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Volume 1



Niel-Erik Andreasen. "General Education Religion Courses in the Undergraduate Curriculum." p. 1-10  PDF 836KB
Michael D. Buck. "Has the financial accounting standards board believed a lie?" p. 11-28  PDF 981KB

Wil Clarke. "The Finite, the Infinite, and God."  pp. 29-46  PDF 1,131KB

Laurice Durrant. "Teaching a reseach course from a Christian perspective." p. 47-64   PDF 894KB

Robert Egbert. "The Psychodynamics of Religious Education."  pp. 65-86  PDF 963KB

Ralph Escandón. "Santa Teresa de Jesus: An Adventist Perspective." p. 87-104   PDF 697KB
Victor S. Griffiths. "The SDA College and University Professor: Some Ethical and Professional Issues." p. 105-128  PDF 1,194KB

Minon A. Hamm. "What is Truth? Composition Assignments for Growth Values."  pp. 129-149  PDF 986KB

Leon L. Higgs. "The Teaching of Business Ethics and Politics and Social Values in the S. D. A College Business Curriculum - A Conceptual Model."  pp. 151-173  PDF 1,232KB

Edwin A. Karlow. "Parables -- A Synthesis of Thought."  pp. 175-192  PDF 1,211KB

G. Irving Logan. "Ministering to the Secular Student in a Christian College."  pp. 193-212  PDF 1,120KB

Wilma McClarty. "An Analysis of the Book of Esther as Literature: A Methodology for Using the Book of Esther In Secondary or College English or Bible Classes As an Introduction to the Stylistic and Thematic Concerns of Secular Literature."  pp. 213-232  PDF 1,326KB

Michael Pearson. "The Point of Pain: Dealing with Cognitive Dissonance." p. 233-248  PDF 916KB
Hope Ravelo. "Erikson's Stages of Personality Development: An Analysis from an Adventist Perspective." p. 249-264  PDF 892KB
Albert Smith. "Secular Understanding in an Christian Worldview." p. 265-284  PDF 1,137KB
Morris Taylor. "Choosing Music in an Christian College." p. 285-306  PDF 1,375KB
Juliette Van Putten. "Beyond Safer Sex Practice: Christian Perspectives on AIDS Education for Public Health Professionals." p. 307-326  PDF 1,000KB

Dick Winn. "The Impact of Developmental Factors in the Formulation of Adventist Doctrine."  pp. 327-348  PDF 1,190KB

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