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Catolico, Jonathan L.

"A rationale and model of a work experience program for college students in the Philippines" (No. 142-93; 11CC: 21-40). PDF

Dennis, Carol

"Integrative influence of work on faith and learning" (No. 044-89; 3CC: 179-198). PDF

Geraty, Thomas S.

"Work experience education for Seventh-day Adventist schools and colleges in the 21st century" (No. 127-93; 10CC: 187-203). PDF

Muze, Mishael S.

"Adventist work-experience education: A case study of Eastern Africa Division tertiary institutions" (No. 104-92; 7CC: 133-152). PDF

Niswander, Melvin C.

"Theory and practice meet in an academy landscaping program" (18CC: 367-372). PDF

Uyeda, Masaji

"The Adventist concept of work education: Its implementation at Hiroshima Adventist Academy, Japan" (No. 602-05; 33CC: 347-362) PDF


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