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Berg, Kevin C. de

"Integrating science and Scripture: The case of Robert Boyle" (No. 371-99; 24CC: 081-095). PDF

Claveria, Dale C.

"Object lessons from the basic principles of chemistry" (No. 691-12; 38CC: 39-57). PDF

Ford, Dwain L.

"Nunca lograrás obtener el doctorado" (20CC: 559-561). PDF

"You'll never make it through graduate school" (18CC: 327-329). PDF

Mendoza Orgaz, Aurora

"Teaching Christian values and spiritual lessons in the biochemistry classroom" (No. 429-00; 26A/CC: 229-250). PDF

Merga, Getahun

"What would Jesus expect of a chemistry teacher?" (No. 699-12; 38CC: 183-202). PDF

Prasad, S. Rajendra,

"Compounding elements of faith and learning in the chemistry classroom" (No. 281-96; 18CC: 161-180). PDF

Wright, Gloria A.

"Habitat responsibility: Teaching stewardship through chemistry" (No. 270-96; 17CC: 367-381). PDF

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