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Oberholster, Braam

"Management: A Christian perspective" (No. 167-93; 12CC: 229-245). PDF

Ogot, Joel O.

"The integration of faith and values in the teaching and practice of agriculture" (No. 135-93; 10CC: 331-350). PDF

Ogutu, Patrick

"Conveying Christian values through the teaching of agriculture: A biblical approach" (No. 363-98; 23CC: 293-308). PDF

Oliveira, Elisabete Regina Araujo

"Teaching nurses to conduct the physical examination:  becoming mediators of the divine touch" (No. 298-97; 19CC: 205-223). PDF

Oliver, Anita

"Brain-based learning: Fact or fiction?" (33CC: 571-576

"Postmodern thought and Adventist education" (No. 378-99; 24CC: 217-236). PDF

Ondari, William O.

"Poverty and wealth: A Christian perspective" (No. 477-00; 28CC: 343-362). PDF

Orgaz, Aurora Mendoza

"Teaching Christian values and spiritual lessons in the biochemistry classroom" (No. 429-00; 26-A/CC: 229-250).

Orshiso, Teckle

"Conveying Christian ethics in accounting and financial management courses" (No. 168-93; 12CC: 245-260).

Ortega, Enoc Iglesias

"Modelo pedagógico adventista: Una propuesta" (No. 241-94; 16CC: 139-156).

Otewa, John Odiambo

"Restoration of the environment: An Adventist perspective" (No. 478-00; 28CC: 363-380). PDF

Ouro, Roberto

"Towards and Adventist paradigm in psychology" (No. 299-97; 19CC: 225-243). PDF

Oyieke, Samuel O.

"The Christian in business: Conveying Christian values in business" (No. 364-98; 23CC: 309-326).

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