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Volumen 37B


Stephen Bauer. "Darwin's God: How rejecting design impacts biblical theism." pp. 1-50 PDF 2880KB
Leonard Brand. "Intelligent design: friend or foe for Adventists?" pp. 51-58 PDF 504KB
Lael Caesar. "Religious faiths and the problem of evil: A biblical perspective." pp. 59-100 PDF 2709KB
Fernando Canale. "A biblical epistemology for Adventist scholarship?" pp. 101-116 PDF 1235KB
Arthur V. Chadwick. "Paleocurrents and the geologic record." pp. 117-132 PDF 2208KB
Benjamin L Clausen. "Galileo: revelation, science, and the church." pp. 133-148 PDF 1671KB

Raul Esperante. "Time, faith, and fossil whales." pp. 149-158 PDF 1592KB

Denis Fortin. "Ellen White on the search for knowledge and the experience of salvation: Why they must go together." pp. 159-172 PDF 1230KB
Sylvia Rasi Gregorutti. "Linguistics speaks to biblical interpretation, creation, and Babel." pp. 173-204 PDF 2202KB
Sharon Pittman and René Drumm. "The biblically grounded framework for social work." pp. 205-232 PDF 1546KB
Humberto M. Rasi. "Adventist education and the challenge of postmodernism." pp. 233-250 PDF 1632KB
John Wesley Taylor V. "Teaching truth: A biblical paradigm." pp.251-272 PDF 2203KB
O. Jane Thayer. "How college impacts student spirituality." pp. 273-298 PDF 1848KB
Jerome Thayer. "The impact of Adventist schools on students." pp. 299-318 PDF 1640KB
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