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Volume 37A


"Hulda Amenya. "Teaching the novels of Chinua Achebe from a Christian perspective." pp. 1-18 PDF 818KB
Dziedzorm R. Asafo. "Nurturing spirituality: The case of Adventist Education in Africa." pp. 19-40 PDF 1185KB
Michael E. Cafferky. "The individual-community tension in Christian leadership." pp. 41-58 PDF 1822KB
Alain Coralie. "An integrative framework for conducting public worship on Adventist university campuses." pp. 59-80 PDF 1214KB
Duane Covrig. "Learning to love the Judge: Building a redemptive Adventist ethic based on the paradoxical grace found in the biblical teaching of divine judgment." pp. 81-104 PDF 2639KB
David L. Cowles. "Dealing with deep phylogenies from a Christian perspective." pp. 105-120 PDF 997KB
Lyn Daff. "Accountants, interpersonal skills development and the faith nexus." pp. 121-140 PDF 1782KB

Don Dickins. "Consumer behaviour, decision-making and the Adventist educator." pp. 141-156 PDF 861KB

Rene Drumm. "'Unto the least of these': Social work education's contribution to social ministry in the Adventist Church." pp. 157-178 PDF 1149KB
Dale Johnson. "Interrelationship of moral, faith, and spiritual development: Stimulating principles of spiritual development in late adolescents and young adults." pp. 179-198 PDF 1313KB
Joy C. Kurian. "Ellen White's concepts on mental health compared with psychology and the health sciences." pp. 199-220 PDF 1312KB
Joseph W. Lo. "Goal setting and faith development in an exam-result oriented culture." pp. 221-238 PDF 1351KB
Janeth J. Marwa. "Managing Christian institutions through a focused vision." pp.239-252 PDF 953KB
Daryl Murdoch. "Mission of Adventist schools with a changing clientele: An Australian perspective." pp. 253-272 PDF 1602KB
Goodluck N. Okezie. "Themes in Economics: A biblical Christian perspective." pp. 273-288 PDF 1103KB
Nicholas Onyango. "Popular current theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy: An Adventist perspective." pp. 289-308 PDF 729KB
June Peter-Fiorito. "Integrating faith and learning in elementary language arts methods courses in Seventh-day Adventist college classrooms." pp. 309-328 PDF 1169KB
Gollakoti Nageshwar Rao. "Guidelines for integrating Adventist educational philosophy in the secondary school curriculum in India." pp. 329-348 PDF 977KB
Carol M. Tasker. "Teaching with integrity: A model for mentoring first-year teacher trainees." pp. 349-368 PDF 1756KB
Ewan Ward. "A problem based learning approach: The biochemical origin of life on earth." pp. 369-388 PDF 1372KB
Ken Weslake. "The special character in the total operations of Seventh-day Adventist primary schools: A New Zealand context." pp. 389-408 PDF 878KB
Georgina Winzenried. "Adventist distinctives: Initiating teachers into Adventist schools in Australia." pp. 409-428 PDF 2322KB
Florence Zimunya. "Christian values in working capital management: An educational perspective." pp. 429-446 PDF 1219KB
Conrad Stanislaw Zygmont. "A method for developing psychological theories from a biblical perspective." pp. 447-468 PDF 1815KB
Humberto M. Rasi. "Adventist education and the challenge of postmodernism." pp. 469-486 PDF 1495KB
Timothy G. Standish. "An Adventist approach to the sciences." pp. 487-500 PDF 1127KB
Timothy G. Standish. "Teaching biological sciences at an Adventist educational institution." pp. 501-514 PDF 1373KB
Timothy G. Standish. "An Adventist scientist looks at origins and catastrophism." pp. 515-528 PDF 1195KB
John Watts. "Towards a theology of education: Theology as underlaborer to Christian education." pp. 529-548 PDF 1909KB
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