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Volume 34B


Leonard Brand. "A critique of current anti-creationist arguments and creationist responses, from a biblical perspective." pp. 1-42 PDF 2599KB
Jo Ann Davidson. "The inspiration of Scripture: Word made flesh." pp. 43-66 PDF 1394KB
Richard M. Davidson. "The role of the church in the interpretation of Scripture." pp. 67-100 PDF 1816KB
Carlos Fayard. "Christianity and Psychotherapy: Clinical implications from a Seventh-day Adventist biblical anthropology." pp. 101-128 PDF 2060KB
L. James Gibson. "Issues in 'intermediate' models of origins." pp. 129-152 PDF 2204KB
Henry H. Lamberton. "Human nature and the human predicament: A comparison of views of modern psychologies and Biblical faith." pp. 153-166 PDF 1186KB
Duane McBride and Jacquelyn Giem. "The Christian church and society: some functions, dysfunctions, conflict, and interactions." pp. 167-192 PDF 1697KB

Lionel Matthews. "Sociology: A biblical perspective." pp. 193-216 PDF 1199KB

Anita Oliver. "The metanarrative of a Biblical curriculum." pp. 217-242 PDF 1861KB
Humberto M. Rasi. "Giving a reason for our hope: Adventists and apologetics." pp. 243-264 PDF 1343KB
Jane Sabes. "Politics: A biblical perspective." pp. 265-290 PDF 2069KB
Gerald R. Winslow. "Christian principles for assisted procreation: The Bible and bioethics." pp. 291-304 PDF 1178KB
Anthony J. Zuccarelli. "Life before death: Contemplating life when the earth was new." pp. 305-334 PDF 2157KB
Henry A. Zuill. "Christians and the environment: A biblical perspective." pp. 335-351 PDF 1627KB
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