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Volume 34A


Gabriel K. Afolabi. "Entrepreneurship in the contemporary world: A Biblical approach." pp. 1-16 PDF 990KB
Ayandiji Daniel Aina. "Integrating Christian values in teaching citizenship education in Nigeria." pp. 17-36 PDF 1314KB
Abraham Amponsah. "Mathematical functions: Illustrating spiritual concepts." pp. 37-56 PDF 1367KB
Leta Bedasso. "Toward a strategic plan for conveying Christian beliefs and values at Ethiopia Adventist College." pp. 57-74 PDF 1337KB
Bernard Franklin Bempong. "Correction and discipline in Adventist tertiary education: A Christian approach." pp. 75-94 PDF 1848KB
Paul Buschenhofen. "Helping students to attain self-control: The role of the Christian teacher." pp. 95-110 PDF 1327KB
Noble Donkor. "Teaching biology at an Adventist university: Challenges and opportunities." pp. 111-132 PDF 1981KB

Daniel Ganu. "Teaching HIV/AIDS prevention in Adventist higher educational institutions in Africa." pp. 133-152 PDF 976KB

Josephine Ganu. "The Christian entrepreneur: Opportunities and risks." pp. 153-170 PDF 1203KB
Candice C. Haas Hollingsead. "Toward a Christ-centered view of scholarship in post-modern academia." pp. 171-190 PDF 1977KB
James Jeffery. "E-Learning and Adventist faith development: Are they compatible?" pp. 191-206 PDF 2145KB
Jacques Kayigema. "Conveying Biblical beliefs and values through teaching English as a second official language: Use of Proverbs and selected texts." pp. 207-224 PDF 1172KB
Enid F. McLymont. "Fostering the learning climate through cognitive coaching discourses: A research-based model." pp. 225-244 PDF 1787KB
Faith Manyonga. "Feminist literary theory: A Christian approach." pp. 245-264 PDF 1107KB
Vida N. Mensah. "'Aprons' and 'Garments': implications for Christian dress standards." pp. 265-282 PDF 1494KB

Mishael Chigula Mutaki. "Preventing and resolving interpersonal conflicts in Adventist educational institutions." pp. 283-302 PDF 1634KB

Joseph G. Nkou. "Strengthening identity and mission of Cosendai Adventist University." pp. 303-320 PDF 939KB
James A. Ogunji. "Fostering the identity and mission of an Adventist university: A proposal." pp. 321-340 PDF 1672KB
Hellen Kwamboka Ondari. "Teaching verbal communication for moral and intellectual development: A Christian perspective." pp. 341-360 PDF 1642KB
Francis Opoku. "Communicating the Adventist message in context: A Ghanaian perspective." pp. 361-382 PDF 1143KB
Eustacio A. Penniecook. " Conveying Christian values in teaching management." pp. 383-398 PDF 943KB
Tamara Randolph. "Heavenly heuristic: Lessons for Christian education from the Hebrew tabernacle." pp. 399-418 PDF 2227KB
Lucile Sabas. "Economic thoughts and worldviews: Contrasting perspectives." pp. 419-438 PDF 1915KB
James Njine Theuri. "Conveying Christian values in an automotive technology program: A practical approach." pp. 439-458 PDF 1006KB
Hamil Tobias. "Teaching Biblical sexual principles through a practical approach." pp. 459-478 PDF 1332KB
Earl Aagaard. "Mere scientists and true believers." pp. 479-496 PDF 1525KB
Earl Aagaard. "Can a believer be a scientist?" pp. 497-512 PDF 1440KB
Earl Aagaard. "Dealing with Darwinism in a Christian university." pp. 513-528 PDF 1596KB
"A statement of Seventh-day Adventist educational philosophy" pp. 529-536 PDF 526KB
"Seventh-day Adventists and scholarship." pp. 537-542 PDF 452KB
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