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Volume 26B


Humberto M. Rasi. "Worldviews, Contemporary Culture and Adventist Thought."  pp. 001-015  PDF 1,010KB
Richard M. Davidson. "The Bible: Revelation and Authority."  pp. 017-055  PDF 2,201KB
E. Edward Zinke. "Faith: A Comparison of Humanistic and Biblical Definitions in Relation to Christian Education."  pp. 057-087  PDF 1,689KB
John T. Baldwin. "The Bible and the Philosophy of Science."  pp. 89-137  PDF 2,543KB
Leonard Brand. "The Bible and Science."  pp. 139-162  PDF 1,674KB
Leonard Brand. "The Bible and Biology."  pp. 163-178  PDF KB
Arthur V. Chadwick. "The Bible and Paleontology."  pp. 179-199  PDF 2,021KB

Jo Ann Davidson. "The Bible and Aesthetics."  pp. 201-265  PDF 4,289KB

Harvey A. Elder. "A Biblical Perspective on Disease, Health, and Healing."  pp. 267-303  PDF 2,158KB
Donna J. Habenicht. "The Bible and Psychology."  pp. 305-359  PDF 2,817KB
Jan Haluska. "The Bible and Literature."  pp. 361-403  PDF 2,398KB
Elaine Kennedy. "The Bible and Geology."  pp. 405-426  PDF 1,290KB
Miroslav M. Kis. "Authority, Bible, and Christian Ethics."  pp. 427-456  PDF 1,457KB
Randall W. Younker. "The Bible and Archeology."  pp. 457-477  PDF 1,305KB
William Fagal. "Ellen G. White on the Role Scripture in Academic Discipline." p. 479-510  PDF 2,147KB
John McVay. "How to Handle A Risen Lord." p. 511-518  PDF 370KB
David C. Smith. "Symposium Summary." p. 519-525  PDF 285KB
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