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Volume 26A


Earl Aagaard. "The Importance for the Intelligence Design Theory for Adventist Science Education."  pp. 001-016  PDF 1,655KB
Reuel U. Almocera. "Rationalistic mind-set, animistic worldview, and the Gospel: Implications for the development of Christian faith in the Asia-Pacific regions."  p. 017-036  PDF 1,430KB
Juliet Bailey-Penrod. "The Fit Between Adventist Health Principles, and Discoveries in Modern Biomedical Science."  pp. 037-055  PDF 1,322KB
Antonio Cremades. "Studying Noah's Ark: A Teaching Strategy for a Science and Religion Course."  pp. 057-077  PDF 26a-cc_057-078KB
Hedrick J. Edwards. "Science, faith and intervention in the natural order: An inquiry into the principle of human-earth engagement."  p. 079-100  PDF 2,055KB
Norma D. Flores. "God's fingerprint: The EGFR in the biological membrane and the mechanism of primary signal transduction."  p. 101-118  PDF 1,754KB
Lenora D. Follett. "Parables of the Body:Integrating Spiritual Lessons with a Nursing Curriculum."  pp. 119-138  PDF 1,031KB
Joseph Ghulam. "Created male and female, equal yet different: Implications for Christian education in Muslim countries."  p. 139-158  PDF 1,725KB
Namjoo Ha. "Teaching spiritual concepts in the microbiology classroom: An illustrative approach."  p. 159-176  PDF 1,116KB
G. Victoria Jackson. "Social Work and Adventist Education: Strange Bedfellows or Kindred Spirits?"  pp. 177-190  PDF 615KB
Kyu Bong Lee. "God's design veiled in the riddle of migratory birds."  p. 191-208  PDF 1,019KB
Asaph Maradufu. "Creation Week: God's love in action."  p. 209-228  PDF 1,062KB
Aurora Mendoza Orgaz. "Teaching Christian values and spiritual lessons in the biochemistry classroom."  p. 229-250  PDF 1,031KB
Paul Mhlanga. "Stewardship of the Environment: An Adventist Imperative."  pp. 251-270  PDF 1,437KB
Marcia Oliveria de Paula. "Issues of Origins in Zoology and Genetics: A Look at the Evidence."  pp. 271-290  PDF 1,294KB
Caleb Rosado. "What is spirituality? Memetics, quantum mechanics, and the spiral of spirituality."  p. 291-312  PDF 2,816KB

Shadrach R. Santosidad. "Lessons from Agriculture: An Integrative Approach."  pp. 313-332  PDF 834KB

Nemuel Mortel Tambalque. "Addressing bioethical issues in the context of Adventist Philippine education."  p. 333-352  PDF 929KB
Susan Thomas. "A Biblical-Christian Approach to Teaching Philosophy of Science: A Proposal."  pp. 353-368  PDF 1,388KB
Alden Thompson. "Making peace with death: Experiential, rational, scientific arguments for belief."  p. 369-388  PDF 1,905KB
Gary R. Uremovich. "Epistemology of Faith and Learning: A Systems Approach."  pp. 389-407  PDF 1,420KB
Ben Clausen. "A Bibilical Approach to the Sciences."  pp. 409-419  PDF 981KB
Ben Clausen. "Integrating Faith and Learning in the Teaching of Physics."  pp. 421-432  PDF 1,197KB
Richard M. Davidson. "A Biblical Theology of Creation."  pp. 433-442  PDF 919KB
Richard M. Davidson. "A Bibilical Theology of the Flood (Outline of Presentation)."  pp. 443-466  PDF 1,772KB
L.J. Gibson. "The First Week: A Believing Scientist Reads Genesis 1."  pp. 467-479  PDF 838KB
George T. Javor. "Biblical Approaches to Biology."  pp. 481-502  PDF 871KB
Elaine Kennedy. "A Biblical Approach to Geology."  pp. 503-527  PDF 1,388KB
Elaine Kennedy. "Data versus interpretation."  p. 529-543  PDF 813KB
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