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Volumen 23


Joan A. Abura. "Verbal Communication in the Classroom: What Christian Educators Can Do to Help Their Students."  pp. 01-012  PDF 544KB
Eden B. Adeku. "The Role of Discipline in Student Adminsitration: Some Implications for Adventist Higher Education in Ghana."  p. 013-030  PDF 1,221KB
Adekunle A. Alalade. "Developing a Spiritual Master Plan for Adventist Higher Education in Nigeria."  p. 031-050  PDF 1,393KB
Fred Amimo. "Maximizing the God-Given Potential in Students: Teaching Biology as a Case Study."  p. 051-064  PDF 688KB
Noah Angwenyi. "Conservation of Biodiversity: Biblical Concepts."  p. 065-084  PDF 913KB
Austin C. Archer. "Constructivism and Christian Teaching."  pp. 085-101  PDF 830KB
Yona Balyage. "The Christian Religious Education Syllabi for Secondary Schools: An Adventist Assesment and a Proposal."  pp. 103-118  PDF 1,127KB
Stephen Guptill. "Fostering and Assessing Faith Development in the Adventist Classroom."  pp. 119-128  PDF 626KB
Ellen Israel. "Language Communication, and Faith."  p. 129-142  PDF 569KB
Gertrudge E. Jordan. "Perception of Values Relating to Character Development: A Study of College Students' Views on a Seventh-day Adventist Campus, Another Look."  p. 143-162  PDF 1,276KB
Joseph I. Masinda. "Efficiency: A Crucial Ingredient in the Success of an Adventist College."  p. 163-180  PDF 940KB
Zacchaues A. Mathema. "Traditional African Religiousity and Christian Discipleship: An Educational Perspective."  p. 181-200  PDF 1,813KB
Gladness Mtango. "Practical Research on Poverty: A Case Study at Bugema University."  p. 201-218  PDF 649KB
Duncan O. Mumbo. "Conveying Christian Values Through the Worship Experience."  p. 219-238  PDF 1,154KB
John A. Mwesa. "The Choice of African Music in Adventist Educational Institutions."  p. 239-258  PDF 1,442KB

Elijah E. Njagi. "Sexuality Education in Adventist Schools: A Kenyan Perspective."  p. 259-276  PDF 1,125KB

Nehemiah M. Nyaundi. "Challenges of Sharing Faith in an African College or University."  p. 277-292  PDF 1,359KB
Patrick Ogutu. "Conveying Christian Values Through the Teaching of Agriculture: A Biblical Approach."  pp. 293-308  PDF 1,191KB
Samuel O. Oyieke. "The Christian in Business: Conveying Christian Values in Business."   p. 309-326  PDF 928KB
Davidson Razafiarivony. "Ancestor Worship in Madagascar: An Adventist Perspective."  p. 327-342  PDF 1,130KB
William D. Tieng'o. "Mentoring in Business Education: Traning Business Leaders for the 21st Century."  p. 343-362  PDF 1,133KB
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Office of Education. "A Guide for Creating and Implementing a Spiritual Master Plan on Seventh-day Adventist Campuses of Higher Education."  pp. 363-394  PDF 2,463KB
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