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Volume 21


Petras Bahadur. "Integrating Faith and Values in the Business Courses at Pakistan Adventist Seminary."  p. 001-020  PDF 1,091KB
Alexander Breja. "Teaching Through Example: A Biblical Perspective."  p. 021-038  PDF 1,274KB
Bryce E. Cole. "Faith Enablement for Civil Engineers: A Field Experiment Case Study."  pp. 039-057   PDF 1,344KB
John B. Connors. "Moral Education Revisited: Trends in Teaching Right From Wrong."  pp. 059-077  PDF 1,595KB
Dorothy Donesky. "Portfolio: A Practical Aid to Assess the Fulfillment of a University Mission Statement."  pp. 079-094  PDF 1,037KB
Henry L. Foster. "The Integration of Values and Learning: An Application to Accounting."  pp. 095-114  PDF 1,424KB
Joseph G. Galusha. "Sociobiology and the Origins of Morality: A Christian Perspective."  pp. 115-128  PDF 557KB
Henrik K. Jorgensen. "Adult Learning Theories and Religious Education for SDA College Students: From Theory to Practice."  pp. 129-148  PDF 1,180KB
Anne-Marie Kennedy. "Teaching Values Developing A Curriculum Framework for Adventist Schools."  pp. 149-166  PDF 1,663KB

Oliver K.S. Koh. "Worship and School Life."  pp. 167-183  PDF 1,344KB

Errol McDonald. "Have I Got a Story for You: The Narrative Factor in Christian Education."  pp. 185-203  PDF 1,109KB
Hezekiel Mafu. "The Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Traditional Rain-Cults in Africa."  p. 205-224  PDF 880KB
Mutuku J. Mutinga. "Educating for Health."  pp. 225-239  PDF 1,191KB
Chris Peake. "Religious Studies Modules at Standborough School: Bringing the Gap Between Faith and the Secular Curriculum?"  p. 241-260  PDF 1,340KB
Andrew A. Pfeifer. "Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: A Christian Perspective."  pp. 261-278  PDF 1,022KB
Daniel Reynaud. "Literary Theory and Biblical Interpretation."  pp. 279-292  PDF 1,034KB
Adeny Schmidt. "Integration of Faith and Learning Through Curricular Design: Interdisciplinary, Team-taught General Education."  pp. 293-314  PDF 1,285KB
Glenn Spring. "In the Image of God: The Creative Act in Teaching and Learning."  pp. 315-333  PDF 1,124KB
Arthur A. Stele. "The Hidden Curriculum in an Adventist College: The Case of Zaokski Seminary."  p. 335-348  PDF 1,079KB
Galina I. Stele. "The Small-Group Approach in the Teaching Process."  pp. 349-364  PDF 956KB
Klaus Zachhuber. "Creationism Versus Evolutionism in the Upper Division Course at Bogenhofen Academy."  p. 365-376  PDF 1,308KB
Raquel B. de Korniejczuk. "Integration of Faith and Learning: Theory and Practice - Part I."  pp. 377-394  PDF 1,220KB
Raquel B. de Korniejczuk. "Integration of Faith and Learning: Theory and Practice - Part II."  pp. 395-415  PDF 1,342KB
Henry H. Lamberton. "Thoughts on the Integration of Psychology and Religion."  p. 417-434  PDF 1,727KB
Gary Land. "Postmodernism: A Christian Reflection."  p. 435-454  PDF 1,682KB
Gary Land. "A Biblical-Christian Approach to the Study of History."   pp. 455-472  PDF 1,732KB
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