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Volume 19


Cindee M. Bailey. "The Effects of Religion on Mental Health: Implications for Seventh-day Adventists."  pp. 001-016  PDF 1,359KB
Beverly J. Buckles. "Promoting Wholeness Programs in Health-Related Graduate Education."  pp. 017-032  PDF 1,251KB
Eduardo Busso. "La Educación Física como Agente Educativo en la Adquisición de Hábitos de Salud: Una Experiencia Práctica."  p. 33  PDF 1,821KB
Daniel Castro. "Contemporary Internal Medicine Research and Ellen G. White."  p. 53  PDF 1,700KB
Hedrick J. Edwards. "Science, Religion and Healing: A Christian Philosophy of Wholeness."  pp. 071-090  PDF 1,752KB
Harvey A. Elder. "Toward an Ethics of Medical Care that Includes Care for the Spiritual."  pp. 091-108  PDF 1,191KB
Liane Hewitt. "Integrating Christian Faith and Beliefs at a Distance Education Site."   p. 109  PDF 820KB
George T. Javor. "Searching for the Creator Through the Study of a Bacterium."  pp. 129-139  PDF 918KB
Trudy Carpenter Klein. "Service and Wholism in the Teaching and Practice of Parish Nursing."  p. 141  PDF 1,326KB
Lana Martin. "The Impact of Human Emotions Upon Learning: A Christian Perspective."  pp. 157-172  PDF 1,175KB
Stefan Mihaicuta. "Health Evangelism in a University Campus: A Romanian Perspective."  p. 173  PDF 1,026KB
P. Wayne Miller. "Team Sports in Adventist Education: Another Look."  pp. 189-203  PDF 1,126KB
Elisabete Regina Araujo Oliveira. "Teaching Nurses to Conduct the Physical Examination: Becoming Mediators of the Divine Touch."  pp. 205-223  PDF 1,469KB

Robert Ouro. "Towards An Adventist Paradigm in Psychology."  pp. 225-243  PDF 1,300KB

Bruce G. Peifer. "Seventh-day Adventist Intercollegiate Competition: A North American Perspective."  p. 245  PDF 1,006KB
Randall L. Roberts. "Shattered by Death; Strengthened by Hope: A Christian Perspective on Grief."  pp. 265-282  PDF 978KB
John K. Testerman. "Spirituality vs Religion: Implications for Health Care."  pp. 283-297  PDF 1,296KB
Gwen M. Wilkinson. "Values in Nursing: What Can Seventh-day Adventists Contribute?"  pp. 299-317  PDF 1,055KB
Brian Y.Y. Wong. "Lifestyle, Diet and Cancer Prevention."  p. 319  PDF 5,911KB
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