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Volume 4


Mei-Mei Cho. "Christian Distinctives in Psychology Teaching." p. 1-16  PDF 637KB
Ralpoh Jones. "Pastoral Expectations of a Christian Academic Dean." p. 17-28 PDF 831KB
Mille Das. "Teacher Modeling in Christian Elementary Schools." p. 29-48  PDF 887KB
Raja Nainggolan. "Faculty-Student Bonding: A Pivotal Factor in Christian Education." p. 49-70  PDF 989KB
Iris F. Denison. "Implementing the Integration of Faith and Learning on the College Campus - A Developmental Model."  pp. 71-90  PDF 713KB
Hong Ryang Kim. "Launching an Integration of Faith and Learning Program Through the Academic Leadership Team of a Christian College." p. 91-104  PDF 665KB
Ina Longway. "Teaching Student Nurses Sabbath Keeping."  pp. 105-124  PDF 1,213KB
Phebee Pierre. "How Can Christian Teachers Lead Students to God." p. 125-148  PDF 1,011KB
Neville Clouten. "A Proposed Model for an Architecture Reflective Practicum in a Christian University Setting."  pp. 149-168  PDF 1,025KB
Allen F. Stembridge. "Teacher Motivation: An Essential Requirement in the Integration of Faith and Learning in Seventh-day Adventist Colleges."  pp. 169-188  PDF 1,016KB
Ann Ratcliff. "Educating Allied Health Professionals in Working Together to Make Man Whole." p. 189-208  PDF 984KB
Simo Anttila. "An Adventist Approach to Teaching Civics." p. 209-224  PDF 780KB
Peter Sol. "Christian Iconology: Teaching Fine Arts History in an Adventist College." p. 225-250  PDF 2,351KB
Carlos Martinez Gutiérrez. "De la Teoría a la Praxis: Una Perspectiva Psicológica en la Formación de Docentes para la Misión." (in Spanish) p. 251-270  PDF 1,235KB
Edgar Araya B. "La Misión de una Unversidad." (in Spanish) p. 271-282  PDF 746KB
Ruben Aguilar. "El Trigo y la Cizaña: Un Paralelismo Histórico del Adventismo y el Evolucionismo del Siglo XIX." (in Spanish) p. 283-302  PDF 1,159KB
Victor Korniejczuk. "Un Enfoque Crítico de la Teoría de Jean Piaget desde una Perspectiva Adventista." (in Spanish) p. 303-321  PDF 900KB


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