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Volume 2


Vernon E. Andrews. "Considerations for the Evaluation of Church Music: A Biblical Approach."  pp. 1-18  PDF 877KB
Phénias Bahimba. "Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development: A Seventh-day Adventist Insight." p. 19-34  PDF 939KB
Gerald Clifford. "The Priorities of Faith: Pervading the Secular Curriculum with the Christian Ethic." p. 35-54  PDF 1,112KB
John M. Fowler. "Building A Christian World View: A Christian Approach to the Study of Philosophy."  pp. 55-74  PDF 946KB
Owen L. Huges."Created in the Image of God: A Christian View of Human Personality."  pp. 75-94  PDF 917KB
Neville E. Inggs. "Developing Christian Values in the Adventist College Experience: An Example in the Teaching of History."  pp. 95-108  PDF 534KB
Jonathan Kuntaraf. "Teaching History from and Adventist Perspective: Some Philosophical and Methodological Concepts." p. 109-128  PDF 979KB
Adelino T. Libato. "An Approach Toward in-Servicing of Christian Teachers on the Integration of Faith and Learning." p. 129-152  PDF 1,091KB
Julian M. Melgosa. "Teaching the Culture of Spain with a Christian Mind." p. 153 -172  PDF 1,211KB
Valdir Negreli and José I. Miguel. "Verbal and Non-Verbal Teacher Communication in Seventh-day Adventist Education." p. 173-194  PDF 956KB
Tommy Nkungula. "Towards an Understanding of Brain Hemisphericity and Holistic Learning: Implications for Adventist Education." p. 195-216  PDF 1,045KB
Agripino C. Segovia. "Christian Leadership Initiative: A Crucial Factor in School Administration." p. 217-236  PDF 1,068KB
Victor Sotto. "Biblical Eschatology and the Idea of Progress: Implications for the Teaching of History and Religion." p. 237-258  PDF 1,069KB
John Wesley Taylor V. "God, Nature, and Learning: An Integrational Approach."  pp. 259-278  PDF 1,117KB
Saul Torres. "Redemptive Teaching: A Framework for the Beginning Educator and Teacher Renewal."  pp. 279-298  PDF 1,239KB
Orville Woolford. "Christianity and Science: An approach for Physics teachers." p. 299-315  PDF 721KB
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