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Alférez Salinas, Germán Harvey

"Grupos de investigación tecnológica en universidades adventistas: Educación y misión" (No. 712-16; 39CC: 1-16). PDF

Balabanova, Nataliya

"Technology and society: A Christian reflection." (No. 531-03; 31A/CC: 41-60). PDF

Estwick, Anderson

"Christian values: A key component in Adventist technology programs" (No. 254-96; 17CC: 79-93). PDF

Hill, Barry and Plane, Barry

"L'enseignement des valeurs en techonologie industrielle et en informatique" (22CC: 149-154). PDF

"Teaching values in industrial technology and computer studies" (12CC: 349-352). PDF

Houliston, Brian

"Technology education: A vital point of faith and living" (No. 068-90; 5CC: 17-32). PDF

Katamba, Paul

"Information technology and Adventist education: Opportunities and challenges." (No. 467-00; 28CC: 155-174). PDF

Paden, Raymond L. and Wolfer, James

"Artificial intelligence: Can machines think?" (18CC: 373-376). PDF

"Inteligencia artificial: ¿Pueden pensar las máquinas?" (20CC: 635-638). PDF

"L'intelligence artificielle : Les machines peuvent-elles penser ? " (22CC: 249-252). PDF

South Pacific Division Department of Education

"Industrial Technology: SDA Secondary Curriculum." Silver Spring, MD: Institute for Christian Teaching, 1990. (Also available in French: "Technologie Industrielle", and Spanish: "Tecnología industrial.") PDF

Theuri, James Njine

"Conveying Christian values in an automotive technology program: A practical approach" (No. 627-06; 34A/CC: 439-458). PDF


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