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Balabanova, Nataliya

"Technology and society: A Christian reflection." (No. 531-03; 31A/CC: 41-60). PDF

Dulan, C. Garland

"Teaching sociology: A biblical-Christian approach" (No. 372-99; 24CC: 97-116). PDF

Galusha, Joseph G.

"Sociobiology and the origins of morality: A Christian perspective" (No. 331-98; 21CC: 115-128). PDF

Matthews, Lionel

"Dimensions of the integration of faith and learning: A sociological perspective" (No. 376-99; 24CC: 177-196). PDF

"Sociology: A biblical perspective" (34B/CC: 193-215). PDF

McBride, Duane C.

"L'imagination sociologique et une vision chrétienne du monde" (22CC: 217-220). PDF

"The sociological imagination and a Christian worldview" (18CC: 355-358). PDF

McBride, Duane and Giem, Jacquelyn

"The Christian church and society: Some functions, dysfunctions, conflict, and interactions" (34B/CC: 167-192). PDF

Merchant, Marion

"The farther reaches of the social sciences" (8CC: 56-59). PDF

Mtango, Gladness

"Practical research on poverty: A case study at Bugema University" (No. 358-98; 23CC: 201-218). PDF

Ragui, Paoring L.

"Integration of cultural and Christian values in a changing society: A Filipino perspective" (No. 107-92; 7CC: 189-210). PDF


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