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Clausen, Ben

"Integrating faith and learning in the teaching of physics" (20CC: 389-398). PDF

"Integrating faith and learning in the teaching of physics" (26A/CC: 421-432). PDF

"L'enseignement des sciences physiques d'un point de vue chrétien" (35B/CC: 75-80). PDF

Groot, Mart de

"Le modèle du Big Bang : Une évaluation" (22CC: 93-96). PDF

"The Big Bang model: An appraisal" (33CC; 493-496). PDF

Mundy, Bill

"The Bible and Physics." (31B/CC: 257-284) PDF

Mutch, G. William

"Integrating faith and learning in the physical sciences" (8CC: 197-200). PDF

"L'intégration de la foi et de l'enseignement : Les sciences physiques" (22CC: 241-244). PDF

Jiménez, Adán Navarro

"Catálogo de ideas para integrar la fe en las ciencias físicas" (No. 722-16; 39CC: 199-213). PDF

Nusime, Franz

"Order and harmony in Creation, demonstrated in examples from music and science" (No. 105-92; 7CC: 153-172). PDF

Pilli, Priscilla Vijay

"Spiritual lessons from the properties of light: A physicist perspective" (No. 704-12; 38CC: 277-292). PDF

"Teaching spiritual values in physics class room" (No. 280-96; 18CC: 145-160). PDF

Ribeiro, Alvaro

"Le rôle de la compétition sportive dans le curriculum de l'éducation physique : Une alternative pour l'école primaire" (No. 661-08; 36CC: 201-220). PDF

Rogers, Lynden J.

"Through modern physics towards a structure for causality" (No. 206-94; 14CC: 329-339). PDF

Shankar, M. Ravindra

"Searching for the Creator through the study of astrophysics at an Adventist secondary school" (No. 453-00, 27CC: 279-298). PDF

Woolford, Orville

"Christianity and science: An approach for physics teachers" (No. 034-88; 2CC: 299-315). PDF

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