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Andrews, Vernon

"Considerations for the evaluation of church music" (No. 019-88; 2CC: 1-18). PDF

Burgo, Turibio José de

"Teaching Christian values through school choir activities" (No. 123-93; 10CC: 109-126). PDF

Mwesa, John A.

"The choice of African music in Adventist educational institutions" (No. 360-98; 23CC: 239-258). PDF

Nusime, Franz

"Order and harmony in creation: Demonstrated in examples from music and science" (No. 105-92; 7CC: 153-172). PDF

Pierre, Saint-Louis

"Education musicale en milieu scolaire haitien : Une approche biblique" (No. 660-08; 36CC: 181-200). PDF

Ramos, René M.

"'I Cannot Bury My Talent': A Look at Mozart on his bicentennial" (8CC: 221-224). PDF

" «Je ne peux pas enterrer mon talent» Mozart à l'occasion du bicentenaire de sa mort" (22CC: 265-268). PDF

"'No puedo enterrar mi talento': Mozart en su bicentenario" (20CC: 647-650). PDF

"'Não posso enterrar meu talento': Mozart em seu bicentenário" (15CC: 439-442). PDF

Robertson, Marvin L.

"Are music choices really important?" (12CC: 381-384). PDF

"Nos choix musicaux sont-ils si importants ? " (22CC: 305-308). PDF

"¿Tiene importancia la música que escoges?" (20CC: 675-677). PDF

South Pacific Division Department of Education

"Music: SDA Secondary Curriculum." Silver Spring, MD: Institute for Christian Teaching, 1990. (Also available in French: "Musique", and Spanish: "Música"). PDF

Spring, Glenn

"In the image of God: The creative act in teaching and learning" (No. 342-98; 21CC: 315-334). PDF

Stearman, Kent Clark

"Music in Seventh-day Adventist higher education: A rationale" (No. 110-92; 7CC: 251-268). PDF

Taylor, Morris L.

"Choosing music in a Christian college" (No. 016-88; 1CC: 285-306). PDF


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