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Environmental Sciences


Angwenyi, Noah

"Conservation of biodiversity: Biblical concepts" (No. 350-98; 23CC: 65-84). PDF

Baldwin, John T. 

"Gardiens du jardin : les chrétiens et l'environment" (35B/CC: 23-26). PDF

"Keepers of the garden: Christians and the environment" (33CC: 405-408). PDF

Boughman, Larry W.

"Campus beautification: A factor in integration of faith and learning" (No. 190-94; 14CC: 39-58). PDF

Bwana, Peter O.

"Creativity and responsibility in environmental transformation" (No. 081-90; 5CC: 257-270). PDF

Fisher, Howard J.

A Creation perspective on economics, ecology and environment. (31A/CC: 133-152). PDF

Jones, Rodger F.

"Environmental science education in Seventh-day Adventist colleges and universities: A model program" (No. 277-96; 18CC: 97-112). PDF

Kizito, Josiah

"Environmental education: Caring for God's creatures" (No. 161-93; 12CC: 121-141). PDF

Lockton, Harwood A.

"Os adventistas e o ambiente" (15CC: 411-414). PDF

"Seeing green: Adventists and the environment" (8CC: 171-174). PDF

"Un horizonte verde: Los adventistas y el medio ambiente" (20CC: 607-610 ). PDF

"Voir vert : Les adventistes et l'environment" (22CC: 209-212). PDF

López Mas, Noemi

"La enseñanza del cuidado de la naturaleza: Un compromiso cristiano" (No. 720-16; 39CC: 157-175). PDF

Maiyo, Barnabas K.

"Alienation, human values and ecology: The role of a Christian geographer" (No. 133-93; 10CC: 297-310). PDF

Mhlanga, Paul

"Stewardship of the environment: An Adventist imperative" (No. 430-00; 26A/CC: 251-270). PDF

Nascimento, Eva Pereira

"The ecological crisis: Changing the paradigm" (No. 377-99; 24CC: 197-215). PDF

Ness, Bryan

"Teaching elementary and secondary students how to care for the earth" (8CC: 201-206). PDF

Ntakirutimana, Issacar

"Ecology and human well-being." (No. 473-00; 28CC: 271-290). PDF

Ogunwenmo, K. Olusola

"Intelligent design and the dynamics of energy flow and ecological interdependence" (No. 702-12; 38CC: 239-258). PDF

Otewa, John Odhiambo

"Restoration of the environment: An Adventist perspective"  (28CC: 363-380).  PDF

 Perumal, John

"A Christian approach to the environment: What Adventist schools, colleges, and universities can do" (No. 746-16; 40CC: 363-380). PDF

Sáez, Esmeralda Viteri de

"Ecología y conservacionismo" (No. 318-98; 20CC: 241-256). PDF

Shull, Judy L.

"Take a micro-hike" (11CC: 283-286). PDF

Tayo, Grace Oluwatoyin

"Protecting the environment: Animal waste management through integrated biosystems and recycling" (No. 708-12; 38CC: 345-359). PDF

 Wari, Lucie Joséphine

"Environnement : Création, dégradation, restauration. Comment transmettre le respect de la Nature ? " (No. 664-08; 36CC: 255-274). PDF

Wright, Gloria A.

"Habitat responsibility: Teaching stewardship through chemistry" (No. 270-96; 17CC: 367-381). PDF

Zuill, Henry A.

"Christians and the environment: A biblical perspective" (34B/CC: 335-351). PDF

"Expanding the garden: A Christian's view of nature" (No. 211-94; 14CC: 409-427). PDF


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