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Computer Science


Aaby, Anthony A.

"Certainty, infinity, and impossibility: Implications for faith and learning." (No. 511-03; 30CC: 1-18). PDF

Fandrich, Arlie R.

"The integration of faith in the computer classroom: Some ethical concerns" (No. 100-92; 7CC: 55-74). PDF

Hill, Barry and Plane, Barry

"Teaching values in industrial technology and computer studies" (12CC: 349-352). PDF

Jeffery, James R.

"E-learning and Adventist faith development: Are they compatible?" (No. 614-06; 34A/CC: 191-206). PDF

Katamba, Paul

"Information technology and Adventist education: Opportunities and challenges" (No. 467-00; 28CC: 155-174). PDF

"The Internet as a resource: A Christian perspective" (No. 636-07; 35A/CC: 125-144). PDF

Martin, Lana M.

"Effects of excessive computer use among youth: Implications for social and spiritual development" (35A/CC: 483-501). PDF

Mayboroda, Olena

"Information technology: managerial aspects of the integration of faith and learning" (No. 518-03; 30CC: 129-146). PDF

Omotosho, Olawale J.

"The calendar, the millennium, computer technology and the certainty of Bible prophecies" (No. 476-00; 28CC: 323-342). PDF

Paden, Raymond L.

"Artificial intelligence: From the foundations of mathematics to intelligent computers" (No. 106-92; 7CC: 173-187). PDF

South Pacific Division Department of Education

"Computer Studies: SDA Secondary Curriculum." Silver Spring, MD: Institute for Christian Teaching, 1990. (Also available in French: "Informatique", and Spanish: "Computación.") PDF

Vera, Ausberto C.

"Diretrizes curriculares para o ensino superior de cursos de informática: Uma perspectiva adventista." (No.509-02; 29CC: 407-422). PDF

Wolfer, James

"A Christian perspective on the study of computational intelligence" (No. 210-94; 14CC: 385-402). PDF


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