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Ulangca, Ramon A.

"The amazing cell: Evidences of God's creatorship" (No. 153-93; 11CC: 227-241). PDF 1,154KB

Ulrich, Regine

"The Bible as a source in introductory history lessons: Practical instructions for use in the elementary school" (31A/CC: 381-402). PDF 1283KB

Uremovich, Gary R.

"Epistemology of faith and learning: A systems approach" (No. 437-00; 26A/CC:389-407). PDF 1,420KB

Utate García, Jairo

"El ser humano desde la perspectiva bíblica y sus implicaciones para una filosofía de vida" (32CC: 313-330). PDF 856KB

Uyeda, Masaji

"The Adventist concept of work education: Its implementation at Hiroshima Adventist Academy, Japan" (33CC: 347-362) PDF 49 KB

"The role of divine agencies in Adventist education: An Ellen G. White perspective" (30CC: 249-262). PDF 943KB

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