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Nae, Daniel

"Fostering biblical spirituality in the setting of an Adventist college" (31A/CC: 301-320). PDF 896KB

Nainggolan, Raja Aman

"Faculty-student bonding: A pivotal factor in Christian education" (No. 053-89; 4CC: 49-70). PDF 989KB

Nangoy, Stanley

"Integrating biblical values into the teaching of human resources management (HRM)" (40CC: 265-284). PDF 1128KB

Narbarte, Miriam P.

"Teaching human resources management: Its implications for Seventh-day Adventist educators" (No. 146-93; 11CC: 97-112). PDF 893KB

Nascimento, Eva Pereira

"The ecological crisis: Changing the paradigm" (No. 377-99; 24CC: 197-215). PDF 777KB

Navarro Jiménez, Adán

"Catálogo de ideas para integrar la fe en las ciencias físicas" (39CC: 199-214). PDF 926KB

Ncube, Willmore

"Challenges of Seventh-day Adventist primary and secondary education in the Zambesi Union: An action plan" (No. 165-93; 12CC: 195-212). PDF 1,394KB

Ndikubwayo, Joseph

"La prevention du sexe premarital dans les écoles adventistes" (No. 395-00; 25CC: 153-164). PDF 771KB

Neall, Beatrice S.

"Another look at the battle of the sexes: Male and female in biblical perspective" (12CC: 373-376). PDF 439KB

Negreli, Valdir and José I. Miguel

"Verbal and non verbal teacher communication in Seventh-day Adventist education" (No. 028-88; 2CC: 173-194). PDF 956KB

Nembhard, Judith P.

"Using the Word: Studying biblical references in poetry" (33CC: 567-570). PDF 527KB

Ness, Bryan

"Teaching elementary and secondary students how to care for the earth" (8CC: 201-206). PDF 458KB

Newport, Kenneth G. C.

"The seat of authority: Reason and revelation in Seventh-day Adventist education" (No. 047-89; 3CC: 231-248). PDF

Ninow, Friedbert

"Faith in situ: Digging God out from the tell" (35A/CC: 221-238). PDF 1112KB

Ng, Boon-Chai

"Christian ethics and the Christian engineer: a study of responsibility" (40CC: 285-302). PDF 1233KB

Niswander, Melvin C.

"Theory and practice meet in an academy landscaping program" (18CC: 367-372). PDF 627KB

Njagi, Elijah E.

"Sexuality education in Adventist schools: A Kenyan perspective" (No. 361-98; 23CC: 259-276). PDF 1,125KB

Nkou, Joseph G.

"Gospel and culture: Some cultural issues faced by Seventh-day Adventist educators and pastors in teaching Bible in Africa" (No. 084-90; 5CC: 293-312). PDF 1,376KB

"Strengthening identity and mission of Cosendai Adventist University" (34A/CC: 303-320). PDF 939KB

Nkungula, Tommy

"Towards an understanding of brain hemisphericity and holistic learning: Implications for Adventist education" (No. 029-88; 2CC: 195-216). PDF 1,045KB

Nlend, Emile Albert

"Un plan de base spirituel pour une université adventiste : Une perspective francophone" (No. 396-00; 25CC: 165-179). PDF 953KB

Norton, Edward M.

"The philosophy and practice of Christian service" (8CC: 207-212). PDF

Núñez, Miguel Angel

"Pensamiento reflexivo: Estrategias para la educación superior adventista" (No. 315-98; 20CC: 185-204). PDF 1,696KB

Nusime, Franz

"Order and harmony in creation: Demonstrated in examples from music and science" (No. 105-92; 7CC: 153-172). PDF 905KB

Nwangwa, Kanelechi C. Kennedy

"The integration of selected Adventist beliefs and values in the administration of an Adventist secondary school" (40CC: 303-322). PDF 1696KB

Nwosu, Constance C.

"Integration of faith and learning: An implementation model for Adventist educational institutions" (No. 205-94; 14CC: 311-330). PDF 1,235KB

Nyaundi, Nehemiah M.

"Challenges of sharing faith in an African college or university" (No. 362-98; 23CC: 277-292). PDF 1,359KB

"Exploring the waters of Genesis 1:2 - An old text, a new story" (38CC: 203-222). PDF 1132KB

Nzamutuma, Issumael

"The home-school partnership in integrating faith and learning in Adventist secondary schools" (No. 166-93; 12CC: 213-227). PDF 682KB

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