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Jackson, G. Victoria

"Social Work and Adventist education: Strange bedfellows or kindred spirits?" (No. 426-00; 26A/CC: 177-190). PDF

Jacob, Vara P.

"Transmitting Christian values to students at Adventist College, Surat" (No. 444-00, 27CC: 113-129). PDF

Javor, George T.

"A l’aube de l’âge du gène" (22CC: 159-162). PDF

"Al inicio de la Era del Gene" (20CC: 585-587). PDF

"Biblical approaches to biology" (26A/CC:481-502). PDF

"Le créationnisme est-il toujours valable en ce nouveau millénaire?" (35B/CC: 159-162). PDF

"Le mystère de la vie" (35B/CC: 163-168). PDF 444KB 


"Searching for the Creator through the study of a bacterium" (No. 293-97; 19CC: 129-139). PDF

"The Bible and Microbiology" (31B/CC: 183-210). PDF

"The mystery of life" (33CC: 507-512). PDF

Jeffery, James

"E-Learning and Adventist faith development: Are they compatible?" (34A/CC: 191-206). PDF 2145KB

Jemison, Injety Roy

"The great controversy theme in the book of Daniel: A backdrop for a Christian world-view in faith-learning experience" (No. 094-90;  6CC: 149-164). PDF

Jesurathnam, Kodali

"The administrator's personal relations in a Christian school as a model for faith and learning" (No. 088-90; 6CC: 43-61). PDF

John, M. C.

"The Adventist secondary boarding school as witness: A strategy for and an outcome of the integrative process" (No. 093-90; 6CC: 133-148). PDF

Johns, Warren H.

"'Rightly dividing the word of truth': Interpreting biblical statements on natural phenomena" (38CC: 117-130). PDF 1260K

Johnson, Dale

"Interrelationship of moral, faith, and spiritual development: Stimulating principles of spiritual development in late adolescents and young adults" (37A/CC: 179-198). PDF 1313KB

Jolliffe, Ronald L.

"Valuing vision and voice: Aesthetics and spirituality" (No. 199-94; 14CC: 201-220). PDF

Jones, Carole L. Kilcher et Loretta B.

"L’integration du service dans le vie d’une école : L’histoire d’Andrews University" (22CC: 177-180). PDF

Jones, Ralph H.

"Pastoral expectations of a Christian academic dean" (No. 051-89; 4CC: 17-28). PDF

Jones, Rodger F.

"An attempt to understand the mystery of the mechanism of communication with God" (38CC: 131-144). PDF 1135KB

"Environmental science education in Seventh-day Adventist colleges and universities: A model program" (No. 277-96; 18CC: 097-112). PDF 

Jordan, Gertrude E.

"Perception of values relating to character development: A study of college students’ views on a Seventh-day Adventist campus, another look" (No. 355-98; 23CC: 143-162). PDF

Jorgensen, Henrik K.

"Adult learning theories and religious education" (No. 332-98; 21CC:129-147). PDF

Joseph, Nelson

"Biblical principles in teaching business subjects in Adventist secondary schools: A conceptual model" (35A/CC: 109-124). PDF 826KB


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