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Idowu, Abraham Olugbenga

"Mathematical error: A metaphor for sin" (No. 159-93; 12CC: 87-101). PDF

Idowu, Olubunmi

"Communicative strategies in the decalogue and the Sermon on the Mount: implications for language teaching in a Christian college or university" (40CC: 169-186). PDF 1152KB

Idowu, Sunday

"Fractal geometry: Mathematical tool for modeling the natural world" (No. 465-00; 28CC: 115-134). PDF

Ikonne, C. N.

"Measuring integration of faith and learning at an SDA college: Two assessment instruments" (No. 076-90; 5CC: 167-180). PDF

Inggs, Neville E.

"Developing Christian values in the Adventist college experience: An example in the teaching of history" (No. 024-88; 2CC: 095-107). PDF

Injety, Vincent Richard

"Maintaining an Adventist identity in government accredited Adventist colleges and universities" (35A/CC: 93-108). PDF 843KB

Israel, Ellen

"Language communication and faith" (No. 354-98: 23CC: 129-142). PDF

Israel, Mohanraj

"“Learning by experience: A practical training programme for ministerial students of Spicer Memorial College" (No. 275-96; 18CC: 63-82). PDF


"The home-school partnership in integrating faith and learning in Adventist secondary schools" (No. 166-93; 12CC: 213-227). PDF



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